13 February 2023

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What is Skillshare?

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People don't know where to start when they want to learn something new. So, what's the solution? With online resources like YouTube and Coursera, there's no need for expensive textbooks or classes. All you have to do is find the right video or course and get started. but sites like youtube are full of people trying to teach you new things who often don’t have the right knowledge on that topic you’re looking to learn more about or you end up watching a video series that isn’t complete. Why is this bad? This way of learning often leads to misunderstandings which increases the likelihood of you giving up on learning more about the topic.
These are some of the problems that course platforms like Skillshare fix. Skillshare is an online learning platform that helps users pursue their passions by providing a comprehensive space for video courses from experts in the field. Skillshare offers over 30,000 online video classes and over 500 different topics to explore. It hosts both free and premium classes in fields like technology, design, music, photography & much more.
Skillshare is a big platform where you can learn all kinds of skills to boost your business, explore different new fields, or just have fun by learning a language. You can watch video courses and get feedback on your work from other students in the discussion section. They offer free but quality material. If you want to take premium courses, then make sure to get a Skillshare premium subscription. The topics cover expertise and are done by professionals in these fields.Many classes include different prompts and other ways to stay interactive while learning.
With over 10 000 courses. that are taught by top instructors around the world. Unlike many other online education platforms, Skillshare offers a variety of course formats. Some courses are short 10 mins others are longue couple of hours. the good thing is it paid subscriptions. your pay once a monthly the subscription about 8$ , and some offer both free trial periods and 
The site offers thousands of classes in design, photography, business, technology and more. And if you join with a promo code, you can get at least one month of Skillshare for free! 

At Skillshare, you can learn from the world's most inspiring teachers and creators

Get access to thousands of fields that interest you, recently they added the learning paths, where you can follow a series of videos that will bring you closer and closer to better understanding. For example the Learning Path: Digital Marketing for Companies. You start with a Form An overall strategy & get teammates on board then you learn about design cohesive Assets after that, you Harness the Power of YouTube to serve your business and learn more about Instagram than how to grow your blog organically without paying for an advertisement and before last your learn about how to launch an effective email campaign. 

short courses , quick and concise.

Here are the courses: 
  • 1- Social Media Marketing: How to Create an Impactful Strategy for Any Business
  • 2- Design a Social Media Post Template Using Affinity Designer on the iPad
  • 3- Marketing: Using YouTube to Humanize Your Brand
  • 4- Organic Instagram Growth: Create Shareable Content
to join the platform just do it 1+1:

First you sign up with one month free . Just use this link https://skl.sh/3NtrOdm to sign up with this link, grantied one free month. You can use  the promo code in the "BETHEREINFIVE" to benefit from one EXTRA MONTH. and just before the expiration of two month,  try to cancel  and durring the cancelation , SkillShare will gives you one extra month to try it.


 If you want to keep learning and don't know where to start, sign up for Skillshare today with the promo code and try out their courses! Learning Paths, it s free to try

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