Domain name

Domain that stand out and that will represent truelly your business. ease to rember and catchy.

Web design

Domain Creating pages that will represent your business, with the goal of gainning more visibility online and answering the most frequently asked questions, and making easy to reachs

Web Hosting

This is the technical stuff, having a website is like having a store, it exist some where, on a computer, or many computers at one, for maximum avability, and faster access.


You must have a tons of question, or few, in both cases, and we are here to would take the time to answer them, and explore new idea that can make your digital business closer to your customer.

Social Media

Design and creating webpage on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, pinterest, Google business. and woule love to assit you on social media compaign, what ever your Marketing goal are.

E-mail Configuration:

Configuration and creating of email address with your own domain,  and that just an other way to be reached, and having professionally.



All the prices comes with quality of service in mind



Domain name configuration

static website design and hosting 

up to 5 webpages.



Have it ALL


Domain name configuration

Static webiste and hosting

Email configuration (up to 5 in boxes)

Social media creation and configuration

3 month support



Domain name configuration

static website design and hosting

email configuration


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